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Medical Applications

AppsolutelyiPhone have dedicated Apple iPhone web programmers to develop medical Apps for clinicians with individually owned iPads at an enterprise level by facilitating any physician with privileges to download the medical App and have access to patient data. Some of the medical Applications for iPhone which can be made especially for iPhone are EMR, Medical Atlas, Medical Image tool, medical online services, cardiac risk assessment, comprehensive food/nutrition database, pregnancy calculator, virtual pillbox, Body Mass Index Calculator, Search, Browse, medical conditions and medical procedure.

We understand the exclusive needs to medical Apps. Our I-phone medical App development advisory team consists of a group of physicians, medical consultants and medical students who provide valuable reviews of mobile medical technology and Applications, based on their own experiences in the hospital, clinic and ambulatory surgical setting. Having closely worked in the medical and software industry for more than 25 years, we are perhaps the only iPhone App developer with a team of active practicing medical professionals on our consultancy board who work closely with the App development team.

We assign medical Applications to specific type of developers with special skills on certain languages, from a Simple pregnancy calculator, virtual pillbox and body Mass Index Calculators available in Spanish, German, Italian, and French to multi platform Apps like EMR, we can develop and deliver Apps for all your medical business needs.

Have the next great App idea? Interested in partnering with AppsolutelyiPhone to develop an App concept? Contact us for all your iPhone medical App developer requirement including iPhone medical App graphic design, programming.

If you are a clinical professional and need a medical Application developed for the iPhone contact us at

App Showcase

Skin Cancer Prevention iPhone App SunSafety™ Launched for iPad by AppsolutelyiPhone

SunSafety™ provides useful, up-to-date sun exposure information and advice on how to protect yourself and your family from skin cancer. SunSafety™ provides data on the Sun's skin cancer causing UV radiation targeted to your iPad.

The SunSafety™ Meter indicates the strength of sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation on a scale from 1 (low) to 11+ (extremely high) based on your location across the United States. You can refer to the scale to take appropriate sun-protective action and avoid overexposure to the sun's harmful UV radiation.

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